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Difference between Rotel 1062 and RA-03?


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Just wondering if someone could tell me the difference between the Rotel 1062 and RA-03 intergrated amps apart from the obvious.

Cheers, Nick.


The 1062 looks cuter :)

I've owned a 1060 in the past and that sounded great, from what I can see the RA03 is the pre of a RA-02 boxed with the RB02 or 03 power amp, and put in a box so it's meant to be better!!

Personally i'd try listening to the two if you can side by side and decide which you prefer. I've got a sneaking feeling i'd still like the 1062 over 03.

RA03 is 70 watts 1062 60 watts, ok the RA03 is just in a different box with one less input :)

Follow these links for the specs.




EDIT: OK i've looked at the specs... not a lot of difference is there go on try to listen to them both then you can tell us what the differences are :D


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I have demoed the RA1062 and really liked it, not sure whether its worth demoing the RA-03 really.. having said that the 03 is cheaper.


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RA03 is 70 watts 1062 60 watts

hifi choice have bench tested both these amps and the 1062 had 95 watts/p
channel vs 80 for the ra-03.

also,i payed only £530 for my 1062.worth the extra £30 imho....


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Just bought a 1062 with some totem Dreamcatchers and 5/m speaker cable for £900 - picking it up on Thursday, all brand new gear. Thought it sounded very good.

Will be using it as a second system in the study/computer room with a RME 9632 soundcard and markgrant interconnects :)

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