Difference between Pro Logic II and DTS Neo 6?


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Sep 10, 2003
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I watch a lot of VCD's usually just encoded to stereo.

After flicking between both on my amp, I can't really tell the difference. I only have a 5.0 setup ATM so I am not really qualified to have an opinion on either!

I was wondering what other people's opinions on both of these are?

Many Thanks!

Matt :smashin:

PS I have a Monitor Audio Bronze centre, 2 MA Bronze B2's and for the rears are just 15w each panasonics I got with my Panasonic TX28PB50.
for tv i use dts 6 neo i cant tell any diff between that and pro logic 2. its just looks better saying DTS than dolby:D :D :D

ps. if i have a music channel on dts neo is better than pro logic 2
The general opinion here is that PL II is both more sophisticated and sounds better.
My opinion is that whilst I agree in general PL II is better, some material still sounds better in Neo6. Neo 6 sounds brighter and more exciting, but can also sound unstable and hollow.

I use them both. If I could only keep one of them it would be
PL II. Its just a bit more more consistent in its handling of different material.
Jmack, how do you wire your tv through your receiver?

I have a gold thor rgb scart connecting my cable box to the tv, so how do i keep the rgb signal and listen to the sound through my denon? :confused:
A bit like asking the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.
I prefer CS II Movie, over Neo 6, for stereo soundtracks.
I tend to find that neo has a wider stage making use of the front left and right speakers more whereas dplII seems to be fixed to the centre channel more with effects using the fronts and surrounds. Neo appears to be more 5/6 channel stereo than surround sound imo. Both have their uses and I wouldn't be without either:)

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