Difference between Panasonic TH42PWD5 and TH42PW5B


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Does anyone know the difference between the two Panasonic Plasmas TH42PWD5 and TH42PW5B?

Except for the price difference of about £450 I cannot find any difference between these two models.

Does anyone know:confused: ?


from what i understand, neither of these are hdtv-ready? is that correct- the resolution (852 x 480) isn't high enough? please correct me if wrong, the higher model is?


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The high resolution 42 inch Panny is the TH42PHD5 - 1028x768.

Apparently it doesn't suffer from the same amount of flicker as the lower res version but I cannot confirm as I never found one on display to look at.



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@ vonhosen: Thanks for the links!

As it seems the TH42PW5B is technically identical to the TH42PWD5, but has much more inputs - Component/RGB, S-VHS, Composite and 15-pin VGA instead of only the 15-pin VGA connector.

Did I get this right?


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BNC or DVI terminal boards are accessories with WD5BX.
BNC board comes with the W5B
Also WD5BX is black
W5B silver


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@lab: The link you posted is a comparison between the low res (852x480) and high res (1024x768) model.

I cannot afford to buy the high res model anyways, therefore I was interested in the differences between the two (or are there more?) low res models.

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