Difference between O2 web bolt on and wifi bolt on?

Mods sorry if this is in the wrong section but I am looking for a new sim for my iphone so iI thought this would be the best place to go.

Currently I am on PAYG but have decided to get a simplicity contract sim.

In the optons I have a choice of unlimited web bolts on, and the unlimited wifi bolt on.

I was just wondering what the difference will be and will I be ok to use this in my iphone?



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OK to use in the iPhone.

Web is the one you want - unlimited data over GPRS/3G etc

wifi is sortof like membership to a load of shared BT openzone networks- access to these will be a lot more hit and miss so you may as well use 3G anyway.

You don't need either to connect to wifi networks that are public or that you have a password for


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Web = Data over O2's mobile network
WiFi = Public WiFi HotSpots provided by The Cloud

Go with Web, as UEF says :)


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Been thinking about getting the web bolt on myself for checking my email, but not 100% sure if I will still be charged.

Has anyone used the web bolt on for imap/pop3 email.


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That's the whole point of the web bolt-on. It covers all internet usage whether that's just browsing, collecting email or any other data usage. You'll not pick up any other charges.

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