Difference between LG 75" TVs - 75UP77006LB and 75NANO756PA


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Good afternoon.

We are looking for a 75" TV to go on a wall in a secondary room and is likely to be viewed from quite a distance at times.

I've been looking for either LG or Samsung in particualr and have found good offers on LG's 75UP77006LB (£799) and 75NANO756PA (£789.89) but can't work out the difference between them apart from one being 'NanoCell'.

I'd appreciate any insight between these two or recommendations for alternatives.


There's no difference apart from Nanocell tech. The TVs are identical otherwise.

What is Nanocell? Its the technology used to light the TV from behind, compared to normal backlighting it can produce a wider variety of colours. Its beneficial when using HDR, but doesn't really have any consequence when using SDR.

Bear in mind that models in this price range are not going to be true HDR TVs, which can cause picture quality problems this day and age depending on your usage. Your aim when buying both of these models should be to treat the TV strictly as an SDR TV, avoiding HDR material where possible. You can read more about HDR and why its pushed the prices of TVs up here:

EDIT* one thing I forgot to mention is due to the closure of LG panel plants, some of their models may be using VA panels now instead of IPS. The Nano model is said to use VA, whilst the non-Nano model may still be using IPS. You can read about panel differences here:

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