Difference between B&W DM602 s2 and s3 ?


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Could someone explain to me what the difference is between the s2 and s3 of the 602's please, I've had a look on google and on here using the search option and can't seem to fine anyone that makes a direct comparsion of the two versions.



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nobody ? :( , I'd rather trust someone's opinion on here than some guy in seven oaks just giving me a sales pitch.


Not sure if its the tweeter, I know thats the difference between the S1 and 2's, also the bass driver changed. Have a look for online reviews for the S3 version, it may explain the difference.


I found this:
"The S3 incorporates some new design features- a tweeter derived from the Nautilus, revised enclosure and I think a revised crossover."

and this:
"One selling point of the 600 Series 3 is its integration of B&W's high-end Nautilus tweeter technology, in which a tapered-tube subenclosure is said to absorb the tweeter's rear-radiating output, resulting in cleaner, more detailed sound."



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I believe, though could be wrong, that B&W introduced internal cabinet bracing to the S3 series of speakers.

I have auditioned the DM602 S3s and must be honest I was not blown out of my seat. Enough detail and decent bass, an improvement over smaller bookshelfs fo sure, but just not quite tight enough for me. The S2s did very well in the reviews and should represent a decent saving over the S3.

Although the nautilus tweeter design made it's way onto the 3s, it is still an alloy, rather than aluminium, so I suspect may be marketing as much as anything.

Just my 2-pence worth (as a B&W owner). I reckon a used pair of S2s would do nicely for the dosh :thumbsup:

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