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This is my first thread so if this question sound bad don't laugh. I am tring to understand the difference between a av preamplifier and amplifier.I am looking at upgrading my equipment but,I don't know which wayto go.I read different magizines some talk about av recievers and how they have become very attractive to the consumer. First let me start with what I am using now.Sony 5.1 AC3, Bose AM 10 series speakers,infinity BU1 subwoofer and Sony 200disc dvd ,cd changer.I would like some imput before I buy something I won't be able to expand.I read on this forum of equipment like arcam,adcom,outlaw,rotel,nad,etc. would like more info as to what others are using and any problem to stay away from. Thanks for listing and look forward to your input. Paul : :lease:


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av pre-amplifiers (or processors) take a signal, decode it, and output it to an external (power) amplifier (which could be a few mono blocks, 3 two channel amps, one 5 channel and one 2 channel or watever combo you want!

Av Recievers have all the amplification built in and so don't need any external equipment, just plug in DVD and speakers and go. They also have the pre-outs the processors have, for expanding by adding said power amps.

Usually, the more seperate you make components the better your sound, but there are limits with sizes/prices (there arent really any cheap processors).

the only advice i have is stay away from cheap sony stuff (up to and including the STR-DE69x)

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Tell us specifically which Sony amplification you are using, and give us some idea about your budget. Without knowing what you have I will say that 'modernising' av equipment brings greater benefits than hi-fi stereo equipment so you will probably see an improvement without spending huge amounts of cash. Also, are you happy with your Bose system because that would have a bearing on recommendations.


I have been using the sony STR-DE825 reciever.The bose are doing the job, but after a new av whatever I will start to listen to speakers.I am starting with a budget of $2000to$2500.I also have a sony STR-6500 tube reciever in another roomjust for music. I amn weighing the option of amp and pre amp for music and dvd's.Also would like to have XM and Ipod capabilities like the Pionner elite VSX-74-TXi.

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