Die Hard3 - sound problem?


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Hi all - is anyone else noticing a sound problem with Die Hard on the beeb just now? I've checked my amp and tried various sound options but everytime there is a loud sound - explosion, bump, truck going passed the sound drops really quiet.. I don't have night listening or similar activated..

Just curious in case it's just me

PS. Interestingly it appears to be the uncut 18 version with the fruity language and added violence

which is nice




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There does seem something odd about the sound, even on the little 14" portable I have here in my computer room. It sounds like some sort of limiter or compression, similar to that used on some records.
I was going to record it, but was watching something else instead. It's one of my favourite movies, but I'm glad I didn't record it with sound problems.


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It was like someone switched the 'night mode' on at the tv stations end and also i wondered why there weren't any subtitles when they spoke german.

I just checked my r1 dvd and the subtitles are there, also a couple of scenes were uncut compared to the version shown tonight but a i think most of the swearing was in. I wish the channel stated before hand if the version showing has been cut but I should have known better and just watched the dvd.


That was actually the first time I've seen that movie and I have to say :thumbsdow

Apart from the sound, I'm sure there was some bad editing from the Beeb - I think most notably during a fight scene at the end involving Bruce a big german guy (who actually sounded scottish) and some chains on the ship.

Anyway, it was an awful film. The main German bad guy was too camp to be considered evil and each scene was really bad. The only decent bits were the dialogue between Sam Jackson and Bruce Willis.


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Ah well - glad it wasn't just me.. thought the editing was a bit suspect at the end with Herr Jock too... had a laugh at the banter between Bruce and Sam though hadn't watched this for a while, still don't like the tagged on ending with the helicopter but what the hey we all bought it anyway right?


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My V+ box had a complete fart and froze then re-booted with about 10 mins of the film to go :rolleyes:

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