Die Hard ultimate boxset....


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I have just noticed, after about 2 months of owning this set that the die hard 2 second disk, i.e the extras has imperfections on the disk.

I was having problems playing the making of it and some trailers and other bits. I looked at the disk very carefully against the light and it's very clear to see what can be described as bubbles on the cd all over the place. The bubbles look as they they are under the final coat surface.

Purchased from a guy on Ebay who sold it as brand new and wrapped, which it was. It was delivered direct from CD-WOW !!!!!

I am going to write to CD-WOW to see what I can do.


I'm intrigued! If I understand this right. A guy sells on eBay without actually owning the box set, and then,when you successfully bid for it, he orders it from CD-Wow to be delivered to you!

Brilliant, truly inspirational!

If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for it, and how much is it on CD-Wow?



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Let me explain. I've been after the boxset for a long time and everywhere I checked on the net it was out of stock or they wanted £40+ for it.

So when I saw someone on Ebay selling it for a reasonable amount I bought it. OK, I was a bit peeved to find out it was from CD-WOW (one of the sites I had checked and was out of stock), but I'll learn to double check everything up until the last minute.

It basicallycost me about £5 more in total had I purchased it direct. I see many DVD's on Ebay selling for more than what you can get it for had you shopped around so I thought I was one of the carefull ones !!

Especially with sites like dvdpricecheck and boxoffice and play247 and dvd import ,etc So you see I do know about them all and more.


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you need to report the scumbag who's doing that to ebay. what a complete and utter *@&!


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I would honestly have a full-time job informing everyone that I could get the DVD they are bidding on cheaper.
I remember once I did exactly that, but the bloke thought there was something in it for me and after a few emails going backwards and forwards plus his remark that I was going against the sentiment of EBAY !!! I just gave up. And I haven't bothered since. In his particular case he was bidding about £5 more than e-shop price

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