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Die Another Day Subtitles

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by steveo219, May 26, 2003.

  1. steveo219


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    I've just brought 'Die Another Day' DVD and it does not work properly with my 1 year old LG5095.

    The original film contains some subtitles - placenames, translations from Korean - which are not 'burnt' into the film. Instead they are generated by the player's subtitle facility. Unfortunately, whenever such a subtitle appears (a dozen or so times during the film) this switches 'on' the english subtitles which continue on screen for all the following dialogue.

    This is very annoying and requires me to switch 'off' the subtitles using the handset every time. I have changed the disc (thank you Play) but the problem persists. This error does not appear when playing the film on my PC.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem with other LG players? Does anyone know of any hacks etc.. to make the player only show the correct 'translation' subtitles, rather than switching the whole lot on?

    Many thanks

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