Didn’t get on with ADH-2000 how about DT-880 or DT-990?


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I have shortlisted head phones, if you could offer your advice please?

In Short:
Have HD570 need new & better ones.
Tried ADH-2000. No presence, a bit shrilly, no bass kick and too much sub-bass depth for prolonged listening.
How about DT-880 or DT-990?

In Long:
I have an old pair of Sennheiser HD570 which I’ve had for nearly 20 years and although still going strong feel its time to upgrade.

I listen to music at reasonable volumes in order of preference with a liking towards female vocals:

•Hard dance
•Light rock

I’m currently running through my Harman HK990 & HD990 Amp/CD which gives a reasonably punchy tone (maybe to get a headphone amp in the future).

I have recently just auditioned a pair of Denon ADH-2000's and although I was reasonably happy they didn’t quite hit the mark, but shone against the HD570 which made them sound rubbish.

Pros and cons that stood out for me in order of notability:

•Smooth, exceptionally smooth.
•Excellence bass depth (far far beyond my old HD570)
•Treble was strong but never ever sharp.

•No bass kick at all.
•Shrill spike (say around female scream frequency)
•No presence (upper treble was weak)
•Very very slightly recessed mids

The biggest disappointment was the lack of bass kick, although they really put the HD570 to shame in every other possible way.

The sub bass was too over powering for prolonged listening at reasonable volumes. I love bass (I have 18” bass cabinets, but running upto 400Hz, tuned to go low but not to overpower everything else)

I would compare the ADH-2000 sound to a poor 2.1 speaker system with extended bass, but with just a single small full range driver.

So, I was thinking about the Beyerdynamic DT-880 or DT-990 32Ohm but not sure if the bass on the 990 would be too much again but the 880 too flat?

Or a 50Ohm Sennheiser?

Price wise i'm looking around the £200 mark +/- a bit

If you could offer some advice please would be really appreciated, thank you :)


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