Did my NAD C325BEE just blow my speakers?


I think my NAD C325BEE has blown my speakers. One isn't working at all, the other only plays from the woofer. Don't judge me, they're ancient JPW Mini Monitors and I love their sound. Bass was being delivered by a Wharfedale SW150.
I wasn't around when it happened and nobody is reporting hearing a 'pop' or anything.
Should I trust the amp and simply replace the speakers, or get the amp checked out?

Thanks in advance.


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Have you checked speaker wires, jumper bars, internal speaker wiring.

It's possible you had a tweeter out on one speaker without noticing, then the other speaker going out caused you to check.

You could try swapping channels and/or tweeters.

Have you got a multimeter?


No multimeter. One speaker is completely dead and I think I would have heard that earlier. I'll take them apart and see if there's anything obvious.

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