Did MS leak VR support on the XBOX Series X?


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IGN Italy is reporting that, when trying to install the new Xbox Wireless Headset on the platform, they were greeted with a message that translates from Italian to: “An update for the VR headset is available” with additional text telling users to “Update VR headset”. The report includes an image, which we’ve posted below. The report only specifies that the message appears on the “Xbox Series X/S operating system, and doesn’t specify why device is being used.

Microsft has reportedly debunked today’s message. Axios’ Stephen Totilo tweeted that Microsoft representatives had told him: “The copy in this error message is inaccurate due to a localization bug. VR for console is not a focus for us at this time.” The mystery of Microsoft’s Xbox VR support persists.

It's quite funny MS still deny working on VR for XBOX. Look at the evidence. MS have developed the WMR headset for years so they have an established team working on VR. MS have launched MSFS2020 on PC and have a ready to go store full of PCVR games that could be ported to console for a 2022 release.

As all games transition to OpenXR there's literaly no excuse for XBOX Series X not to have VR support even if they don't release a dedicated headset for the console. If anything MS have more reason to suppoort VR than Sony do as they already have the WMR Reverb G2 just sitting there.

So the only Question for me remains. Is MS going to snub WMR in favour of a dedicated MS built XBOX HMD? Or could we see WMR replaced with a new wave of OpenXR certified headsets which would make the whole VR community happy?


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I am mostly an exclusive PlayStation, playstation vr gamer/user (and occasionally use the Quest 2) but I wish Microsoft introduced VR to xbox console gamers because the more platforms VR is introduced in, the broader the VR community and ultimately, hopefully, the quicker the vr sector may moves out of being a niche market.

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