Did I screw myself with my set up? (Samsung TV, Soundbar, Xbox Series X)

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I'm excited for the next gen consoles coming out, specifically the Series X. I know they are promising 4k 120fps for future games and I'm stuck on a few things with my set up and I would love to hear from you guys.

The current TV I have is a Samsung 2019 q60r 55" paired with a q70r Harmon Kardon soundbar. Right now I'm playing with an original Xbox one so i don't think the Xbox is being held back, at all. But i have a few questions:

1) Although the q60r runs at 120 hz, i will not get 4k 120, correct? from what i've seen it will only be able to do 1080p and 1440p at 120 hz, can someone elaborate on that?

2) If im doing the pass through HDMI on my q70r soundbar, what are the limits for that pass through? will it still allow up to 120hz to the TV? or is there a limit that the soundbar can take? How could i set all this up to ensure i have the best picture quality?

3) The soundbar has Atmos capabilities, but from what i've seen, its completely ruined by this specific Samsung TV only using HDMI-ARC instead of eARC. What exactly is lossy Atmos? Is there something I'm missing?

4) What can i do to make these products reach all of their potential together? Xbox series x, q60r TV and q70r soundbar

I'm just really nervous that I've spent all this money trying to catch up with technology, only to realize I bought things FROM THE SAME COMPANY, that aren't compatible together. Please help. I really don't want to have to buy another TV to actually get the things i though i would with the purchase of this Samsung.



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I know they are promising 4k 120fps for future games

More pointing out that it's now a possibility. Much like [email protected] there's no guarantee many developers will find it worth the processing power in comparison to other things they could be using it for.

We've heard those claims before:

1) Correct, as far as I'm aware the Q60R isn't fitted with an input with sufficient bandwidth for 8 megapixels at 120fps. The 120hz capability is for internal use only (motion interpolation, apps, tuner etc.)

3) Atmos is a layer of extra positional data on top of a surround sound audio track encoded using either Dolby TrueHD or (I think) Dolby Digital Plus. The former requires the extra bandwidth of eARC.

ARC and eARC are Audio Return Channel which specifically refer to the mixed use of Video Output/Audio Input to Video Input/Audio Output. If you've got the Xbox plugged directly into the soundbar than ARC/eARC isn't in use but the normal HDMI audio capabilities instead, which have always had more bandwidth.

4) Strictly speaking your products are fully compatible, they're just don't have the capability. Incompatibility would mean that each product was individually capable and could achieve the results with other products, they just couldn't use that capability with each other.


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rtings review of the Q60R states it has native 1440p 120Hz and HDMI-VRR (Freesync) support, 4K 120hz is off the table.

In which case you should be good to go with the Xbox series X, the consoles output resolution is separate from the internal game rendering resolution so it can scale up and down accordingly.

A number of 120fps games have been announced for the XSX so as long as you have the 1080p/1440p 120Hz output and variable refresh rate enabled in Xbox dash you should be able to make use of them.

2) Using the sound bar HDMI pass-through will probably mean you will lose the 120hz and HDMI-VRR it will drop back to 60Hz output.

3) Xbox supports 3 versions of Dolby Atmos but your TV only supports HDMI-ARC
DD+ 5.1 - custom addition to HDMI-ARC (not all TVs support it).
TrueHD 7.1 - eARC or HDMI pass-through
Dolby MAT - eARC or HDMI pass-through

The Dolby MAT is the best option for Xbox in terms of latency, compatibility for movies and games.

You can use the HDMI-ARC DD+ 5.1 version of Atmos if the TV supports it (I'm unsure if the Q60R does).

4) Sacrificing 120hz + HDMI-VRR for Atmos isn't worth it in my opinion, you can still send Dolby 5.1 to the soundbar even if DD+ 5.1 Atmos doesn't work and reviews of the Q70 say its Atmos output is not that great.

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