Did I fry it?


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I'm really wondering if I somehow my receiver's sub line is fried. I have a Pioneer VX830 Receiver. I plugged into it 4 Pioneer Andrew Jones B22 Bookshelves and a C22 center, and matching subwoofer. At first it seemed to be ok, then one day I went to move my subwoofer and noticed that it was hot...like going to start a fire level. I immediately unplugged it and sat it aside. I took it in to get looked at, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I didn't dare plug it in again. Even at the time I remember running the "soundtest" on it and I never heard much (everything was plugged in correctly). For years I used it without the subwoofer after that almost fire hazard. I recently replaced all of my speakers and kept the same receiver. I went to perform a sound test on it, and nothing. Cannot hear anything coming from it like its not plugged in (its plugged in). I almost think there could be something wrong with the receiver itself. Is it possible it just got totally fried?

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