Did I Buy Hubby Wrong TV? Sony XR77A80J


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  1. External devices? No soundbar. I hate how they look; why aren’t they better looking? Yes, will use Apple TV 4k. Have some old blu-ray but rarely use anymore. Son has hooked gaming up a few times but not on a regular basis. Still using an ancient Harmony One remote.
  2. Content? Mostly Frontier Fios TV and Apple TV
  3. Streaming services? Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Disney+, Prime, HBO Max
  4. Catch up TV apps? Sometimes ABC, CBS, NBC
  5. Broadcast TV? No idea. Would be thru Frontier Fios probably, sports mostly I guess?
  6. DVDs/BluRay? Rarely anymore.
  7. Gaming? Not us, son a few times
  8. What TV currently and why new TV? Sharp 70” 4K LED Ultra HDTV LC-70UH30U from 2015. Bigger and better?
  9. Viewing distance? 9’-10’ primary, some seats are 17’ or 23’ away
  10. Angle from centre? Unsure, pic included for reference.
  11. When will you use & what kind of lighting in room? Bright conditions during the day (Room has 2 4x4 skylights and 6 windows). Darker during the evening. The current TV is on a swivel mount (left/right and up/down) that can be adjusted. Plus we do have shutters to cut the glare. I go in an office that has a 65” LCD with lower lighting. I personally don’t like watching TV in this room during the day due to the glare; it doesn’t seem to bother dh as much. Don’t think risk of OLED burn in.
  12. Extra notes to add/questions not covered here? Attached is pic of room this TV will go in. Really wanted a TV by this Sunday (Father’s Day). Best Buy could deliver the Sony XR77A80J tomorrow/Friday. It was $3500 plus tax. The Sony XBR77A9G was not available anywhere or available for ordering. But now looking online, after buying the XR77A80J, I see Best Buy has an Open Box Excellent (but not certified) XBR77A9G available nearby for $4050. Did I make a mistake?
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I don't think so, the AG9 should be cheaper than that...its a 2019 release that they also produced in 2020 and doesn't have better picture quality than last years A80H or this years A90J (it has better sound built in though)... but your want to buy now has put you a bit short compared to waiting for some discounts later on in the year. Perhaps it would have been wiser to look at the 77CX at 3k rather than spending another $500 on the newer Sony.

Either way, cracking TV and I'm sure you'll love it. If you're happy with the sound on your sharp, you'll be happy with it on the A80J too.


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OK, thanks, good than I can forget about the XBR77A9G. Best Buy has both the LG OLED77CXPUA and the LG OLED77GXPUA available locally. The 77CX is $3000 (plus tax) and the 77GX is $3300 (plus tax). Are those TVs better than the A80J? Or are they as good but cost less? Or some things better some things worse? We do need an adjustable mount where we have it (due to glare). So we wouldn’t be able to have that flush wall mount look with the LG.

ETA: The new TV is being delivered today. Sticking with the Sony XR77A80J. Decision made, changing mindset now to “no regrets”, “no buyer’s remorse” and just enjoy the dang thing. Hope it works!
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