Did anyone take advantage of Hamleys website error at the weekend?


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Just wondering whether anyone else took advantage of the fact you could use 3 20% discount vouchers on top of each other to get 60% off all orders with Hamleys last weekend?
This is the thread on HUKD that started it all:-


There's an article about it in the Guardian this morning:-


Amazing that they are honouring all these orders, pretty much everything sold out including £13000 snooker tables that went for £5000 and radio control cars down from £800 to £300 odd. Kudos to Hamleys for honouring these orders, gonna be some happy kids on Xmas morning that have got extra presents their parents would otherwise have been unable to afford.

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on this, their error so take advantage as much as possible or an underhanded way of stealing from them? I admit I placed a couple of orders, only for a total of £40 after discount though as couldn't afford anymore (it's time like that you wish you had a credit card!) but got my kids a couple of presents they wouldn't have otherwise got.



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Very similar to the Sainsburystoyou e-vouchers scenario last week where you could enter £40 worth of e-vouchers off a £60 shop.:thumbsup:


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:thumbsdow Looks like those orders won't be honoured now. Here's a few snippets from posts made on that other forum about 10 mins ago:

I hate to break this news to all of you, especially in my first post, but I have it from a very reliable source that all 60% orders will be cancelled today and an offer of 25% off made instead.

How may I ask do you know this will be the situation ??

who is this source.....an insider at hamleys?

My source is a merchandiser at Hamleys. I ordered something too so I hope this isnt the case but I definately wouldnt bet on getting your goods for 60% off.

News on R5 is that Hamleys will not be honouring orders but will offer a 25% alternative discount.


It didn't even add up the 20%s properly then either! 20% off 20% off 20% off wouldn't give the full 60% off...?

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The Sainsburys orders were cancelled last week. :thumbsdow


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Just had an email saying they aren't honouring the orders but we've got a code for a 25% discount valid for 30 days. I'm sure they'll have a fight on their hands due to some clause in their T&Cs. Oh well, didn't expect to get what I ordered really, the problem is the money for those orders has come off my available balance so I can't spend it elsewhere until it's released which no doubt won't happen straightaway!


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Here's a quote from Hamleys

However, Hamleys chief executive Nick Mather said multiple use of the discount codes contravened the terms and conditions of the offer.

"As a result these transactions are fraudulent and we are unable to fulfil these orders," he said.

"We appreciate that at this time of year no-one wants to be disappointed and as a gesture of goodwill we are offering those customers the opportunity to replace those orders with a 25% discount code."

Greg Hook

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How many tvs did you try and order then? :devil:

As the Sainsbury discount codes were only giving £43 off £70 spend I would say none!:D

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