Did anyone ever think about a 'swap' thread?


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OK, Im guessing a mod may think anything to do with trades should go in the sales forum.....but I cant help thinking that many people who look at the Book & Literature AVF section, don't look at the sales forums.

I have tried to sell a couple of books in the sales AVF section and its been useless...DVDs, CD, Electrical items and vouchers sell well !

So, is there a possibility of starting a swap thread? This would be like book swap (no sales allowed).........

What do people think?


As a new member to this forum and avid reader this sounds like a great idea as theres plenty that I've bought over the time that id like to swap
It would most definitely have to be done in the Sales forum - swap is just another word for Trade and Trade threads spring up all the time.

I have no qualms about Trade/Swap threads being created as normal and a single thread here to track throse threads so they dont get lost as such.

To elaborate:

Book Swap Thread

Theydon Bois Said:

I have a swap thread here [Link to Sales Thread], swapping My collection of David Gemmell Books for a potted plant, as I need the shelf space for the hardbacks the Grey Trilogy.

Inked Said:

I have a swap thread here swapping my 1st edition print run of Walking Dead for yesterdays Evening Standard.


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