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Feb 15, 2001
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"The Perfect Storm", "Murder At 1600", "Judge Dredd", "Chaplin", "The Cotton Club", "A Walk On The Moon", and her acclaimed performance in the recent hit thriller "Unfaithful" in which she carries the film (Richard Gere has half the screen time, and she acts him off the park). That performance should make her a bonafide star surely?

Talent, beauty, respected, hit films

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Firstly DIANE LANE got loadsa publicity for UNFAITHFUL. Probably more than GERE, got.

Secondly, there is no way that DIANE LANE is "an obscure unknown". She may not be as famous as Julia Roberts but she is certainly not "obscure" or an "unknown".
I would have said that she's bordering on the A-list.
I haven't seen Unfaithful, but maybe Diane needs to do something extreme like get all her kit off? Worked for Sharon Stone....then again maybe Miss Lane is happy being "almost A-List" anyway :cool:

I would say that Diane Lane is now definately a star. She get's "above the title" billing in practically everything she does now and "Unfaithful" won her alot of acclaim and
recognition. You're right, it was a great performance.

She may not be Julia Roberts but she's definately a star, and she's probably as famous as she wants to be as nobber22 pointed out. Not every actor wants to be hounded by the press all the time. I bet she makes a great living, earning more money than you or I could dream of, getting consistent work and industry respect.

Many an actress would envy her.

Besides I think she's quite big in the U.S., more so than here.

She was voted Celebrity of the Month by the way:
I'd love to see her win an Oscar for Unfaithful. Her performance was THAT good! What do you think of her chances?
Originally posted by Nobber22
then again maybe Miss Lane is happy being "almost A-List" anyway :cool:

I'd tend to agree with Nobber here.

Anyway, when you *really* think about it, how many truly A list female actors (actresses if you'd rather) are there?
I totally agree with you jutboy, but when you think about it. When you look and see how little publicity and exposure Diane Lane got for her lead role and excellent reviewed performance in "Unfaithful" (a film that has made $100 million at the boxoffice), and compare that to the huge amount of publicity Angelina Jolie got for "Life Or Something Like It" (a film that tanked at $16 million boxoffice), or how much wonderful publicity Sharon Stone got for wearing her dress to Cannes. I could go on....

For some reason it seems that wearing a dress to a film premiere makes you a star more than giving a knock-out performance in a hit movie. I appreciate Diane Lane may not want to be Julia Roberts, but I'm sure that she's sick and tired of being overlooked all the time as well.
You're right in many ways MJeeves but look at it this way... Jolie is a complete nutjob, which guarantees column inches and Stone has traded off flashing her unkempt privates for the past 10 years.

At least Diane Lane has maintained her dignity and respect (and also earned a fair amount of money along the way)
That's what I think as well Juboy. Apologies for getting your name wrong on my last post.

It just annoys me when even people who SEEN her films, still don't know who she is! Just because she's not "tabloid" or "scandalous" enough. I guess she must be O.K. financially, you reckon?
Originally posted by MJeeves
Apologies for getting your name wrong on my last post.

No worries :)

Originally posted by MJeeves
I guess she must be O.K. financially, you reckon?

I wouldn't lose too much sleep over her finances, she received $3 million for 'Unfaithful' and as her ex-husband was Christopher Lambert...

Diane Lane is not "obscure". She is a sizable name star in Hollywood and believe me I bet she's seriously loaded. I'd love $3 million for a few weeks work!

I think she's probably got the ideal celebrity lifestyle - she earns loadsa money, gets consistent work in Hollywood films with big name co-stars, is respected in the industry, and yet she can still eat in a restaurant without the media photographing every mouthful. Sounds great to me. If I was an actress I'd want to be like her.
This is really a strange coicidence. Check out the film of the day on the http://www.imdb.com front page and see what they say. I told you, underrated maybe, but definately a star.
Her new movie is gonna be the test: "Under The Tuscan Sun" http://us.imdb.com/Details?0328589

It's a Disney movie with no big name co-stars. If it opens then she's a bonafide "star" if it sinks without trace then I guess a "consistently working actress" will do just fine.

I just think, IMHO, that she is just as beautiful and talented as the bigger superstars i.e. Diaz, Jolie, Paltrow and even Roberts. It would be nice if she got more recognition, even though you guys have convinced me that she is at least nearly a "star" and not as "obscure" as I first thought. The girls done good.
If I'd been Mark Walberg, I wouldn't have gone on that boat.
I think someone should print out this thread and send it to her at:

Diane Lane
c/o Endeavour Talent Agency
9701 Wilshire Blvd, 10th Floor
Beverley Hills, CA 90212
Her performance was THAT good!

You mean THAT scene? :D

Surely she isn't unknown, but who has seen / noticed her in "Streets of Fire" at the tender age of 19?
Diane Lane is a bonafide star, and now also a household name. Due to her career and bucket loads of acting talent? Nope - 'cos of all these Diane Lane threads.
I think the Robert Duval quote to Diane Lane was in the miniseries "Lonesome Dove". Am I right?

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