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Diamond 9.1s in silver?


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This is going to seem like a stupid question... but has anyone physically seen the 9.1s in the silver finish?

I'm getting them to partner a NAD amp/CD combination which are also silver as are my Atacama Nexus 6 stands. The dealer at which I demoed this kit only had the beech finish but can order me in the silver if I purchase them. The speakers look very classy for the price but I'm worried the silver finish will look less so, it does a little in the pictures.

So classier beech, or silver to match the rest of the kit?

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I've seen Mission m30 series in silver. Whilst not the Wharfdales they have very similar looks and construction.

Its personal taste but I found the black, beech and cherry to all look good but the silver wasn't for me.

When silver looks good - on metal speakers like Kef 2005 or MS Genies - it is actually metal and has a solid, crystalline, metallic look. But the silver vinyl has a much flatter, greyer look. For small speakers you to get away with it, but the larger ones look rather washed out and aneamic.

Visit the store again and ask if they have any silver missions - should give you an idea.

Just my personal opinion you understand.




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Tnaks for your reply, helped me make a decision.

I went with the Beech finish; it also helped that these were in stock :)

I knew I liked the beech and the silver was going to be a gamble so I thought why bother taking it?

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