Diamond 8 Shielding?


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I've just bought the above Diamond Cinema package - all very nice & good.

I was wondering how close you can place a speaker to the TV set. I thought speakers were 'shielded' so as not to interfere with the TV picture but if mine are very close (8 or 10 inches) they do interfere - little purple patch in the corner of the screen. Is this normal?

(Also, I need a cheap subwoofer and auditioning speakers isn't really viable in this part of the world - I've seen the Wharfedale Powercube and an Eltax Atomic 8... any good?)




Purple patch in the corner of the screen sounds like these speakers are not shielded, and what you are seeing on the screen is normal for unshielded speakers, keep them well away from the TV. You are going to have to position them at the distance where they stop affecting the TV.

Plenty of cheap subs out there but the only one I can recommend that sounds half decent is the KEF 1000, and maybe the lower range of the Yamaha YSTW range.


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Well, it can't be helped - if there's no shielding on the fronts (Diamond 8.3s) then that's that! A bit dissapointing though... I looked at the somewhat meagre spec. sheets and Wharfedale only recomend that the center speaker sits on or near the TV so it looks like you're right eviljohn - only the center is shielded.

The biggest problem here is space. We're getting a 36" Toshiba mega-beast next Monday (according to Toshiba's letter this morning) and it's wider than a very wide thing. (Not much space between the fireplace & the TV. Still, for all this money, everything but EVERYTHING will fit in even if I have to fold it in half...)

Subwoofer - I couldn't find anyone with stock of KEF 1000 subs so I've ordered a Yamaha YST-W205. Cheapest I could find was AV Land @ £150 inc. p+p.

Thanks again gentlemen,



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Originally posted by eviljohn2
I'm pretty sure that only the diamond centre is shielded.

I have the same problem with my fronts being close to the TV, depending on how "audiophile" you are, putting them on the floor (maybe on spikes) helps add some distance without needing a whole wall of length for them. Otherwise moving them away is the only solution.

I'm pretty sure all the Diamond 8's are shielded (it was one of the things I checked before I bought mine), but I can't find anything anywhere to back that up right now :) Certainly mine don't give the TV any grief -- the centre is blu-tacked to the top of the TV cabinet and one of the 8.3 fronts is only about 10cm away from it.

I've actually got the opposite problem -- the TV is causing a buzzing sound from the centre speaker -- but that's a whole other thread.

It's probably worth having a moan at your dealer if your speakers aren't adequately shielded -- the centre at least is designed to be placed close to a TV, and the whole lot are marketed as home cinema speakers. As I said though, I'm perfectly happy with mine, so maybe one of yours is actually faulty?


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Originally posted by lungfish
I'm pretty sure all the Diamond 8's are shielded... I'm perfectly happy with mine, so maybe one of yours is actually faulty?

Oohhhh - don't say that.

Still, I'm going to switch them around tonight (or tomorrow) to see if they both interfere with the picture (one speaker is a good deal further away from the TV than the other).

I was going to try to e-mail Wharfedale but I can't find an e-mail address for them.

We'll see later.



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Originally posted by Chris Burson

Oohhhh - don't say that.

Sorry :)

On the other hand -- maybe your current TV is just extra-sensitive. If you still have the same problem with the new Toshiba, that would be the time to complain.


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What about the 8.4s are they shielded?
If not do u think 1m away will be far enough?
Ive just ordered a pair of 8.4s to double as my homecinema fronts and my stereo speakers and will be placing them about a meter or so everside of the TV.


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I don't know whether the .4's are shielded or not, but 1m away from the telly is more than adequate.... my .3's only distort the pictures if they are right next to the telly.


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Originally posted by monkeyWRENCH
I have the same 'Diamond' setup the 8.3's are definately NOT shielded.

I guess I've just been lucky not to see any interference with mine then. Something else to watch out for now...



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Well boys & girls, I tired swapping my two 8.3s around and the other one doesn't interfere with the telly at all...

I put them both 5 or 10 cm from the telly - as near as I could get them without interference - and simply tilted them towards the telly until they did interfere. (I should have been a scientist!)

When one was inside the 4 or 5 cm mark, it put the purpley blotch in the corner of screen but the other didn't. One can actually touch the TV without any problems. So - the answer is... Wharfedale shield approximatley half their speakers!

I don't know if shielding will affect anything else or not but since it's going to be a real pain to try and send them back and the sound is fine, I'm gonna live with it. (It is only the one and I can put that one the other side of the fireplace.)

Strange though, some Wharfedales are shielded and some not...

Thanks for everyone's input on this,


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