dial a phone ?


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Yes, and i think you will find a lot of us on here have bought our S3s through them.

No problems so far but the first cash back isn't due until December


Dialaphone is probably one of the most trustworthy thirdparty online phone companies. Would have no hesitation buying from there. They are the only online company I would use for cashback offers.


I got my S3 through Dialaphone. I had a couple of problems: -

1. The phone connection was supposed to be activated within 48 hours of receiving the handset. It wasn't and I had to call them twice to chase it up.

2. When the line was eventually activated, I was put on the wrong calling plan and had to call and email to get that sorted.

3. I phoned them and asked them for a reference number so I could cancel the bundled Gadget Helpline subscription. They gave me the wrong reference number, so I couldn't cancel via the Gadget Helpline's website and had to call them.

The phone was delivered quickly and when I called them, their customer service staff were friendly and helpful, but they made a few mistakes in my case.

If you do go with them, if you go through Quidco you can get £60 cashback on a new Android contract, but the deal is only on until the end of today: -

dialaphone Voucher Codes, Cashback & Discount Codes | Quidco

The main advantage of going with them is to get an unlocked/unbranded handset, plus they're very competitive on price. I'd still recommend them.


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can i transfer my number or will i be given a new number ?


can i transfer my number or will i be given a new number ?
You'll be given a new number, but you can port your old one over.

If you go to a different network than the one you're on now, you just have to call the network that you're leaving and ask for your PAC code, then call up your new network and tell them you want to port your number over. They'll ask for the PAC code, you give it to them, and then it's usually done in 24-48 hours.

If you want to stay on the same network it's a bit more complicated, as you have to port your number to another network (you can get a free Pay & Go SIM and use that), then port it back again, so it's a bit of extra hassle but at least you get to keep your number.

A word of warning though - when you ask for the PAC code, if you use it before your existing contract ends you will incur early termination fees, so when you call up and ask for it, ask when is the earliest you can use it without incurring any fees.

Also, once you have ported your number, log into the Dialaphone website and update your details, because if you get a redemption deal from them (one of those deals where you send off a copy of your bill every X number of months to receive cashback), Dialaphone will need the new number on file in order to pay you your cashback.

It all sounds more hassle than it actually is. :D

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