Diagonal Artefacts on Sony KV32FX60U - Help Please



had this Sony Set (KV32FX60U) for seven years now and very happy with it but unfortunately today it appears to have developed a problem. The sound is fine, but the picture has diagnoal dashes across it (kind of like small RGB dashes) which are particularly visible on darker images. The dashes are allways there on all inputs (analogue, and all three AV inputs - DVD, SKY and VCR). Stragely though the on screen display images appear "over the top" of this and are unnaffected.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on and whether the set is worth repairing ? I've trawled this and other forums and come up with nothing.

Thansk in advance.



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Baffled Mark. Are you sure that the lines are simply not visible against the on screen graphics due to the brightness of the graphics?

I may be wrong - your description does not totally match this, but you may be suffering with flyback lines. These are regulary spaced, continuous, from left to right and running slightly 'downhill' from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Select an unused AV input - so the screen is black. Are they present? Also try selecting teletext - again can you see them. If so it needs adjusting probably. A few faults can also cause it. You will need an authorised sony engineer.

I only know of a couple of other picture problems, due to poor earthing, but they are way off from your description.


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I've been searching for ages for a similar problem to mine with the KV-32FX60U and came across your forum entry.

Did anyone work out a resolution to this, or can advise me what is best to do ?


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Only thing I can suggest would be to try disconnecting all the input sources from the set and see if the 'effect' disappears, if it does try plugging them back in one by one until it reappears, or which combination of inputas trigger it.

If this does provide an input or inputs that are affected try replacing the input leads, with one from an unaffected source as I saw something like this once that was being caused by a faulty scart lead, though you may narrow it down to a port on the TV that only needs a small component like a transistor or capacitor replaced.

I have this set too and I am now having occaisonal issues with it too, Mine has a vertical bar about 1.5" in breadth running the height of the screen about 4" from the right hand edge of the screen. The bar is very very slightly lighter than the rest of the image on the screen and is only noticable on very dark scenes. Also on occasion when the picture suddenly becomes very bright like for example a tesco advert from a black or very dark screen previous the whites of the advert momentarily go a pale salmon colour before turning the vivid white.

Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas on what could be causing it?

For the salmon whites im thinking it sounds like a power stage issue? Have no idea about the vertical bar though.
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