Diabolical Discs - Crap transfers.


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As we´ve had variations of the the Top Ten theme. We´ll try this.
What are the worst transfers currently out there? To start the ball rolling:

Highlander (all versions!) R2, R1 & R1 Immortal Edition.
The Bodyguard R2

Feel free to add more.;)


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I may get slated for saying this, but in my opinion, some of the worst transfers include...

- any R2 discs by EIV (Entertainment In Video)
- any DVD's by Vipco
- Some Warner Home Video releases like "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves" look dire as well.



R2 Se7en SE (EiV)
R2 Magnolia (EiV)
R2 Dark City (EiV)

Anybody spot a pattern developing here ?

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Originally posted by GearHead
R2 Se7en SE (EiV)
R2 Magnolia (EiV)
R2 Dark City (EiV)

Anybody spot a pattern developing here ?
I don't. I have all those releases and they look good to me, especially Dark City R2 which is non-anamorphic.

Haven't compared them to the R1, but they are certainly far from "crap transfers" as they stand.

My vote to "crap transfer" out of the disks I own goes to Shawshank Redemption R2 (lots of compression artefacts in this one). :rolleyes: I was actually expecting Highlander R2 to be far worse than it was so didn't think it was too bad - will probably change my mind the next time I watch it though! :D


R1 We were Soldiers. How is it possible so make a bad transfer in this day and age when Apocalypse Now over twenty years old looks like its was made yesterday?


R1 p&s version of Lost Highway (seville)

Almost turned it of in the first few minutes...

R2 Bladerunner.....still waiting:rolleyes:



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Watched R4 Predator last night. Where did they get the print from? It looked like it had been dug up from a time capsule.

If anyone has the 2 disc version, don't watch the extras before you watch the film. These guys show themselves off to be a bunch of vain morons. Film itself is just OK (if you think of it as a an action comic).

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Dune - R2
I agree about EIV films I now only buy the new line R1 verisons
Reservior Dogs - R2
Zulu R1

Some of the R3's the picture quality is a bit pants

Mike Swannick

Chuck Norris' - Good Guys Wear Black.

Transfered to DVD from a 8mm colour positive, hand held projector shown in broad daylight in a dust factory with sound dutifully recorded onto a Matsui personal tape recorder via the conderser mic. Truly pants. The worst £4.00 I've ever spent on a film.


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For dire video quality - Return of The Pink Panther (R1 - Artisan).
For censorship cuts - Eraser R2.
Other: Any Pan & Scan transfer of a film which was originally shown in a wider aspect ratio


Tartan's Asia Extreme Dead Or Alive

Take the gorgeous Japanese Anamorphic Print and toss it in the bin.

Use a crappy NTSC Letterbox print and run it thru a pseudo PAL/Anamorphic conversion.

Result: Almost no detail, no shadow detail and severe ghosting on fast motion.

or how about:

UK R2 The Devil's Backbone?

A truly superb spanish film by Guillermo Del Toro (Chronos and Blade 2).

BUT the package states DD5.1 (it's DD2.0 Surround)
the package states Optional Subtitles (but fails to warn that its a SPANISH language film)
The Menu has a serious overscan issue resulting in a bright blue vertical bar on any PC/PJ screen without blanking... kinda ruins the dark sombre scary menus!
and finally the Subtitles are not 16x9 friendly... so unless you have total image control over aspect ratio (thanks TT ;)) you are buggered...

Saying that the disc is also NON-Anamorphic but you know what? It's a truly superb NON-Anamorphic print...


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..... oh, and pretty well any THX approved R1 title - which will, in all probability, have a soft image and excessive Edge Enhancement.

Dick Scratcher

How about the original R2 'The Usual Suspects' or R2 'Hellraiser'?


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A Bruce Lee double bill DVD that I bought from Play back in the day. Absolutely unwatchable with horrendous audio that sounds like it was encoded at about 5kbps



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Great Escape (orig) R2
Aliens R1
Batman R2
Madonna - Immaculate Collection R2
Life of Brian R2 (WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN!)


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Just been somewhat stunned by how absolutely appalling the non anamorphic stereo r2 dvd of 'The Running Man' is. 5 Mbps video at its very worse... undoubtedly the worst dvd release i've ever seen. I think my star wars widescreen vhs box set both looks and sounds better. Can't believe they released it this year looking this bad...

Stuart Wright

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R3 The Others. Artefacts visible 100% of the time. Truly aweful.


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Highlander Endgame (R1).

Doesn't help that it's a crap film too, mind :blush: , but the picture "quality" is muchos terriblos.

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