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Di/Bi-Pole speakers on the celling


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I am working on a layout for my home cinema at the moment and im breaking my brain on where to put the rear speakers.

At the moment the front of the system looks like this:


And I am soon to be mounting a screen which will come down in front of the TV

The front three speakers are Monitor Audio Silvers powered from an Onkyo amp.

For the rear I have some Monitor Audio BRFXs which are Bi/Di-pole speakers - http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/image.php?image=1480638&is_user=0

My problem is to the immediate left/right of the Sofa I have a Window on one side and a wall too far away (goes into the dining room, so the wall is about 10-12' away)

The Sofa is hard up against the back wall of the living room at the moment and the misses wants the speakers as out of view as possible. So I cant mount them on the wall just behind the sofa.

My idea was to mount the speakers onto the celling facing downwards to the sofa, would this work out to give decent enough sound from the rear speakers?

Is there any other way I could try?


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Could you install inceiling speakers instead?
If you could tightly fix the bipole/dipole speakers to the ceiling then they may work. Another idea would be to buy a pair of standmount speakers and place them on the floor behind the sofa facing straight up towards the ceiling. This gives a very diffused sound and work much better than you would think. I did it at my dads house and it gave a very good surround sound effect.
Your front 3 speakers really need to be better placed than they are currently. No speaker likes to be placed on a cabinet as it will interact with the cabinet and reduce sound quality. I would at least pull them forward so that they are level with the front of the cabinet. This would have the added benefit of getting the speakers away from the wall which also will be a good thing. I would also either try to get them on stands or at least get something like pollipods to isolate them from the cabinet.
The Silver series are good speakers and currently you are not going to be getting anywhere near the best from them.

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