DHT550SD with MS Premiere Plus Crossover Freq.


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I've had my system for a couple of months now and I am very happy with it. However, I can't stop playing round with the settings to try and make it even better. What should I set the crossover freq on the amp to? I currently have it at 150 but after reading on here it sounds like the best setting is 80 but this seems to kill the majority of the bass and leaves it sounding quite trebly.

Any suggestions?:lease:



Cable Monkey

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I would imagine the speakers should be the biggest determining factor on where to set your crossover. The Avant Prem satellites drop off at 100hz so your crossover should really be set around that figure. Higher or lower by 10 or 20hz would be ok dependant on personal taste! Thought I would add that before I get stomped on! I would suggest trying 120hz and see how you go.


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Thanks for that. I've set it at 120 for now, haven't had much chance to listen to it properly yet, but I'll see how I get on.

Thanks again


Eddy Boy

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80Hz is the THX crossover used in cinemas and the LFE sound track on the DVDs is 80Hz and down.

However not all speakers meet this so with your you need to up it to get the balance right.

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