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hi Guys,

Apologies for another similar post, but I really could do some help here.

I am trying to connect up my Denon DHT500.

I want to connect my Sky+ to it via RGB scart and then connect the Denon to my TV (Phillips pf9986 LCD) via Component/DVI.

So far, when everything's connect, I get a "picture format is not available" message on the screen.

I've checked the settings on the Denon, picture format is widescreen, tv type = tried all of them etc etc.

Can someone advise as to what I need to do to get it working.

n.b. DVD via component to the TV works, but only when using Progressive Scan, but I get black bars at the top and bottom, DVD via scart to the TV is fine,

thanks in advance



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The DHT 500 will not convert anything to component video. It only does composite video switching. The scart socket is not a video input (though it will accept audio input). You will only get a signal from the component out when playing a dvd.

If you want video switching through the dht500, connect your sky box to the dht500 with a composite video cable and connect the scart to the tv. You can connect the component leads in parralel to get the component video for dvd. The DHT-500 does not have a dvi out. If you need component video switching/conversion get a more expensive receiver.

Hope this helps.

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