DHT-M330DV : Multi-region gone wrong



This is a warning :lesson: and a request for help :lease:

I am relocating to the US from the UK and wanted my Denon m330DVD to be to be Multi-region. I asked in the forum to see3 if anyone knew how, and followed the instructions. Sadly it doesn't work (Don't try)

However - I no longer get the picture displayed (I still get sound). If anyone on this forum has a PAL TV and a DHT-M330DV could they post me the default settings as below? and send me the values for 12 XX, 13 XX and 14 XX?

I have tried factory defualt from the menu - but no Joy


1. Turn the unit on.
2. Press the “OPEN/CLOSE” button and open the tray.
(Keep the tray open during the setting.)
3. Press “CLEAR” “1” “4” “7” “0” “CLEAR” - “TEST MODE”
will appear on the display.
4. Press the “up”cursor key and “00 XX” (XX=this will be a
numerical value) will appear on the display. The first
two digits are incremented by one, every time you
press “up”
5. Press the “up”cursor key until you see 12 XX (default
is 24) on the display. Remember the Number
6. Press the “up” cursor key again and you will see 13 XX
(default is 23). Remember the Number
7. Press the “up” cursor key again and you will see 14 XX
default is 01). Press “0” “0” on the remote and
then the “ENTER” button.
8. Press “RETURN”
9. Press “CLEAR” twice
10. Press “RETURN” (END should appear on the display)
11. Press the “OPEN/CLOSE” button to close the

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