DHT 500SD message error


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Has any Denon owners - particularly DHT500SD owners - had the error come up on the display MECHA ERR -
Mine keeps displaying it and the disc freezes won't eject etc. Turning off at the mains resets the system but it will just error again after a few minutes.
When I don't get this error message I have trouble opening the disc tray and also I don't seem to be getting the full volume out of the rear speakers unless the mode is set to Surround Stereo.
Anyone had any similar experiences and did they find a cure?
Still waiting a response to the email I sent to Denon - it's 18 months old so still under warranty but if I could just do something to correct it myself it would be so much more convenient.



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Denon can be a bit slow responding to emails so might be worth ringing them. The numbers are:-

01753 680568 (Main Line)
01753 688495 (Product Support)

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