DHT-500SD Connections for dummies!



I have a JVC LT 23E75 SJG TV, and a Panasonic NV-FJ780B VCR
They are linked in standard format, ie a SCART lead.
I have now been gifted a Denon DHT500SD system.
I wish to link the three together.
The Denon instruction book firstly asks is the TV compatible with ‘Progressive Scan’.
I don’t know? Has it – I can’t find any mention of it in the instruction book.
If so which are the connection points on the TV?
My second option is described as “RGB Scart Output (AV Connector) using an RGB ready SCART cable, or connecting the component video, using a component video cable”
As you can see I am not a technophobe! In fact I am technically minded as a Catcus:(
I have connected a SCART from the Denon to both the AV1 & AV2 and in either mode it works fine, but I cannot get any audio output to the video?
Can anyone help me please?



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Best thing is to check the manual for your TV to see what connections and signals it can or can't receive. To use the Progressive Scan output from the Denon your TV will need to have a set of Component Video Inputs and they should be labelled YPbPr (one red, one green and one blue).

Ideally you want audio coming from the Video to the Denon but some TV's will let you dub from one AV Input to another. Again, check your manual as it should be in there.

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