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Hi Guys
I'm looking at my first surround sound system and have a budget of ~£500.
I've been looking at the DHT-1356XP and was thinking of matching it with a DVD-1940.

Would this be a good set up or is there other seperates you'd recommend for an extra £100(or so.....don't tell the Mrs i said that :devil:) to achieve much better performance.

Apologies for the noob question you must have seen 1000 times before!


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Thanks for the reply Andy.:smashin:
As is always the case i start looking at a price and it goes up and up and up!
I'm thinking if i'm paying £200-250 for a Receiver i might as well get one that will be future proof and go for this.

I'm considering those speakers but i saw a direct comparrision review and these came out on top. I can't for the life of me find it now though. For the extra £50 i think these are the ones.


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