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DHD4000 doesn't like the heat - recommend a replacement?


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Folks, I've got a DHD4000 which seems to be suffering in the heat - it's stuttering all over the place despite the signal being good. It's red hot to touch, too.

Ideally, I'd like a DVD recorder to archive stuff onto and a single box solution would be great, but the ones on the market (sony, panny, toshiba) all seem to be single tuner lumps and I'd ideally like twin tuner now I'm used to that :D

Another option would be to look at DVB-S - any recommendations here? I'd need to fit my own dish, but that can't be too hard :D

So, any recommendations?


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mine was playing up in the heat. Leaving it unplugged overnight seemed to fix this -- might be worth a try? If you go into the service menu, I think you can also set the fan to be permanently on full, which may be worth a try if you can put up with the noise...


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Cheers, I realise it is down to heat, and that's why I'm looking for a different model now... But then again, nothing seems to fit my needs quite as well, other than a toppy which is a lot more money!

It's in a cabinet under a sony CRT widescreen tv, so I know airflow is a problem however there's no real option to put it anywhere else.

I'm now thinking of a new DVD recorder/player, keeping the dhd4000, and ultimately putting a panny TH42PWD8 up on the wall given that richer have dropped the price by 100 notes... All I need is about 1200 quid!

Duncan Craig

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Why don't you just take the lid off the thomson until the weather gets cooler.
Saves you trying to find another PVR.

The Thomson really is a great bit of kit for the money, it's hard to beat.


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I just took my second DHD4000 back to Argos with the stuttering prob, even worse on playback!
Got the Humax 9200T now, a lot better picture and 160gb HD, but I wish it had the menu of the Thomson and the same remote, lol


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Keeping electronic gear which generates heat in enclosed cabinets is just asking for trouble. With the same air being recycled again and again heat buildup cannot be avoided. This leads to premature failure of the machine.

Cabinets are for storage - tapes, discs etcetera - not consumer electronics.

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