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I've been using inSSIDer and found that the router is actually broadcasting at 54mbps, even though I have set it to 'upto 150mbps'. What's that about?

Also when i check the channels it says 4+8 when I choose channel 2, the channel I'm on at the moment. How do I make the channel narrow?

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You need to ensure that both devices (the router and the client) are running 802.11n. This may mean an update of the client's drivers, if it is 802.11n capable or an update of the WiFi adapter (from 802.11g) if it isn't.

802.11n is able to use two channels at once (to give greater bandwidth) and currently your router is using 4 and 8. It has chosen them to avoid channel conflict. (WiFi channels overlap.)

I have no idea what you mean by: "How do I make the channel narrow?"
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Some wifi AP's send out their "beacon" frames using "G" (sometime even "B") encoding so that older devices can still see them. Beacon frames are what AP's use to "advertise" their presence and capabilities.

However, when a client "associates" with the AP, they negotiate with each other to obtain the best link capabilities they can both agree on.

Have a look in your router's config pages for any references to "channel bonding" or "20MHz/40MHz" modes. The "narrow" channels you are after are "20MHz" or "unbonded" ones.

As stated by Mr Beerhunter, the higher link rates availed in 802.11N require 40MHz channels. Of course, by restricting to 20MHz channel width, you are restricting your available link rates. There's quite a nice table in Wiki's article on 802.11N showing the various combis of spacial stream, channels width, etc. and the nominal link rates they avail.

4+8 is probably about different manufacturer having different ways of specifying which pair of channels used by N 40MHz modes - IIRC there's nothing prescribed in the standards.
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