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    Hi folks, really hoping someone can point me in the right direction here or there's every chance I'll go mad!

    Been on Sky b/bfor about 18 months now. Originally had a lot of connection dropouts and the WiFi (connecting via Nokia N95) was abysmal (Gateway errors etc). Eventually I learnt that UPnP should be disabled and this did seem to fix the above problems.

    Moving on I noticed the firmware had gone through several iterations between then and now so decided I'd give UPnP another shot (plus thought it would be nice to get the PC streaming to the PS3 now too). Initially all worked well and I managed to copy (streaming was very jerky) music, photos and video to the PS3 with ease. Decided to give the N95 another shot and managed to copy a couple of songs. All seemed well and I was quite chuffed. Move on another couple of hours and now neither the PS3 or N95 can connect to the media server (using WMP11) and whilst I haven't tried it I suspect the WiFi's up the swanny also.

    At this stage I can't even work out which device is at fault (PC, WMP, Router, N95 & PS3) so not sure who to go to with the problem. Having read a lot of very mixed reviews about the DG834GT and in particular its very sketchy UPnP I suspect it's the culprit. On principle I'm against buying my own router yet I suspect Sky will happily wash their hands of the problem and blame it on one of the other devices or even me.

    In short, any advice on what my next step should be? I really was hoping I could get the UPnP working properly. Is this but a pipe dream!?


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