Devon avr-250bt and Xbox newbie questions need help


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Hi guys, just registered after buying this amp as looking to get a few answers and get my head around how sound decoding works. Trying to get an Xbox series X to output 5.1. It’s connected to a Samsung UA55JS8000 through HDMI. Im trying to test using a 5.1 test video in YouTube and can only hear front speakers and I think centre working. The rears work only in multi channel stereo. I’m trying to get my head around what all the settings need to be. If anyone is familiar with my setup that would be awesome. So on Xbox when I have my chat headset in it only shows my output options as stereo uncompressed. If I unplug it I also get Dolby digital and dts. Also on my TV I have output options as either PCM or bitstream. And on top of that I have sound decoding options on the amp such as Dolby PL2, game, music, movie, neo, multichannel stereo etc. I’m unsure what they all kind of mean and what they need to be on for the source output to be in true 5.1. Any help or reference material would be great thanks if you have read this far.


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Youtube videos are 2ch stereo only.


Buy a cheap blu ray movie and stick it in the PS. You Tube, as pointed out is stereo only. There is no 5.1 content on YT. People upload to YT and claim 5.1 when it is actually downmixed to stereo.

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