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I just bought a Devolo dLan 500 AV Wireless+ to replace an AV500 Triple that died. I've already got some other Devolo Homeplugs and it's all set up fine. I added the new wireless plug no problem.
I've checked the wireless signal using InSSIDer and WifiAnalyzer and it sees the new Devolo wireless with a fantastic signal. At the moment, I've left the Devolo on factory settings so it's showing as a separate AP with a separate SSID from my wireless router. Once I know it's all working Ill set the SSID and Passkey to the same as my wireless router and use it as an extension AP.

I can connect my laptop via ethernet cable to the new wireless and it connects to the internet ok.
I've connected my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the new Devolo via wireless no problem (just told it to connect and entered the passkey).
However, whatever I try I can't get the laptop (HP Pavilion DV6) to connect to the Devolo wireless. It sees it as a wireless signal, I click on Connect, it asks for the Passkey and then just says it can't connect when I enter it.

What should I try next?
The laptop connects to my wireless router (Billion BiPac7800N) OK.

The laptop is on Windows 7. All I'm doing is as I did on my phone, looking for a wireless signal and then trying to connect. Do I need to set it up as a network? I tried changing the SSID and Passkey to the same as the wireless router but it causes problems (presumably because it tries to connect to the Devolo but can't).

Another thing - on my phone, when connected to my Router it says Link Speed 5Mbps but when I connect to the Devolo it gave me 75Mbps. Do I have a problem with the set up of the Billion Router? When connected to it on the laptop the speed and signal aren't great, hence wanting to try the wireless Homeplug.

Just to add all lights on the Devolo are green.
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