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I purchased a Devolo Dlan 1200 with two extenders. They work perfectly well. I then needed another two outlets and was advised by Devolo to purchase the Dlan 500mbps extenders to plug into the outlets I needed. This I did. For about 3 days they seemed to work perfectly well and then one of them started to alternate between green and red on the home button. The other home button constantly flashes green. I am getting no network being picked up now on either of them. I have reset them, rebooted the whole system but still the problem is there. Is there any advice someone can give me re what to try next?

Greg Hook

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Powerline adapters are heavily dependant on the quality of your internal wiring.
How old is the house?

Do the Dlan 1200 extenders work fine with the 500 ones turned off?

What are you doing on this network?


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It is an old house but it was completely rewired 5 years ago. I am trying to pick up internet radios on both of the extenders.

The 1200 works perfectly fine

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