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Devil May Cry 2

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Dunedin397, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Dunedin397


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    *----+ Devil May Cry 2.
    I've been playing the US NTSC version of Devil May Cry 2 and I'm about halfway through Dante's disc. I thought I'd post my thoughts on the game as the PAL version is released tomorrow.

    I'm a big fan of the original game & I was eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel. While the sequel hasn't received the greatest reviews compared to the original, I think it's still a very good game in it's own right and it perhaps highlights just how good the original was. The sequel comes on 2 discs, the 1st for Dante and the 2nd for Lucia.

    A fairly nice FMV CGI intro sets the scene with the game's characters moving around, firing guns and swinging swords about.

    The fairly basic Capcom menu is shown with the usual options to change the sound levels, brightness and controller vibration are given. There's no options to move the screen or to change the control layout.

    The usual health bar is shown during the game, but the Devil Trigger has been changed from the characters to a simple bar which I don't think looks as good.

    The graphics are certainly a step on from the original, with Dante looking far more detailed. The environment detail is improved as well, but I'm not sure if the environments are as spectactular as the original. Certain levels can look a little drab, but there's a good number of different themes, ie a East European style town, an oil rig, stone dungeon, etc.

    While there's a load more animations for Dante, I'm not sure if they're as polished as they could be. For instance, whilst firing Dante's handguns and moving around, his 2 handed motion doesn't look quite right.

    There's a whole host of new enemies to look at and while they're technically better looking than those found in the original, they're not quite as colourful.

    There's the usual mix of gun fire sounds and shouts from Dante as you fight along with a good musical score and other sound effects. However, 1 huge omission is Dante's quips from the original. There's no classic lines such as "flock off featherface" (when Dante faced Griffon for the 1st time) for example. This detracts from Dante's character somewhat.

    Although you can't define your own controls, they're pretty good although they're quite different from the original. X is now jump (as opposed to triangle), triangle is now the sword (as opposed to O).

    O is now roll and also used to examine objects. This doesn't work very well as Dante rolls when there's nothing to note about an object Dante just rolls in front of it and this just looks silly.

    There's now a new system of locking onto enemies, R1 locks Dante to an enemy as in the original, but L3 changes the target.

    R2 is basically a strafing move. L1 is the Devil Trigger and L2 switches the hand weapon which is handy during gunfights and you want to try out the effect of the handguns, shotgun or sub-machine guns as against a boss for example.

    If you enjoyed the original, then I do think you'll enjoy the sequel, but there's a number of things introduced which I don't think add to the game.

    While the environments are bigger, the camera can move a lot further back and this detracts from the atmosphere somewhat.

    The mission structure is similar to the original, but you rarely see an area more than once.

    The combo rating is back, but now it's harder to start a combo and keeping it going. A sword attack or an evasive move is required to get a D rating and you must then keep going with sword attacks or shoot at 2 enemies to improve the rating.

    The Devil Trigger is slightly changed, in that you can select different abilities gained from amulets, such as flying or running at an increased speed, but Dante can't have both equipped at the same time.

    There's a good number of items to be bought from the God of Time, but I found myself rarely using items compared to the original. Most of the red orbs are spent on upgrading the sword or hanguns.

    Dante's moves are a lot different from before, in that you can shoot at a locked enemy, but move towards another and Dante will shoot both targets with a very cool looking move. Running along or up the walls can be useful, but I've not used that as much as double jumping.

    It's also a lot easier to miss weapons or amulets in the levels as they're well hidden.

    Another change is the map, you're not shown Dante's position on the map and it's strictly an overhead view. While I thought the original's map system was a little confusing, it at least showed where Dante was and the direction he was facing relative to his environment.

    The story of the original wasn't a strong point and the sequel doesn't change this. It's pretty much more of the same. ie, Dante takes on the underworld.

    There's far more action and a lot less puzzles (such as they were) than the original. It's perhaps a little easy with only the bosses being a challenge.

    While my comments may seem quite negative, the sequel is still a very good game. If this were the 1st game in the series, I think it would gain better reviews as it highlights how good the original was.

    I haven't commented on Lucia's disc as I haven't played it yet.

    Whilst the sequel has been "dumbed down" to a certain degree, I think it will attract a bigger audience than the original. I am enjoying the gameplay, jumping or rolling around and attacking 2 enemies at the same time is a lot of fun and the twin sub-machine guns (ie Uzi's) are quite cool.

    If you enjoyed the original then you will enjoy this sequel. If you weren't so keen on the original due to it's difficulty, then this is certainly easier to play.


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