Devices that can record from TV Xtreamer prodigy 4K?


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As the title says, does anyone know a stream device that can be used to watch movies and also record from the TV?

The only one that I know is the xtreamer prodigy 4k.

In this same forum I read some reviews about it.
They did not speak well about the device I know, but those reviews were from some months ago and I saw that they upgraded the firmware.

Don't know if all those problems reported in the beginning of the year still occur.
I have a old xtreamer device and in the beginning it had some bugs that were corrected with the updates.
Could this happened with the prodigy?

I'm thinking on buying one as is the only one that I know to record from the TV.
Is there anyone with a prodigy that could please post some update on the device?
Does anyone know a device that can record from TV as the prodigy does?

Thanks in advance


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Avoid it .. I have one and It doesnt do most of the things it was supposed to do.

especially the record function ... it doesnt work the audio is way out of sync ... the record stop after 2gb and the quality sucks ... that happens if it works ...

they advertised picture in picture ... then removed it

and yeah .. the updates ... they dont happen ... except rarely and if an update comes .. it just removes functions rather than fixing it.

if you buy prodigy ... basically you are buying a headache and loosing your money ...

check the xtreamer forums and see the complaints ... (which is moderated to be tunned down) igot banned because i was asking for a firmware fix


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Not strictly a reply to the above post, but I have a Zidoo X9 and so far pleased with it. But I cannot seem to find an option to record a programme being sent to the TV using HDMI-out. Selecting HDMI-in merely says that there is no input. Do I have to buy yet another IPTV box to connect to HDMI-in of the X9? Seems pretty daft to me.


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Yeh it does not really work that way none of these boxes record a stream from the net, but really there is no need unless you are trying to watch live TV, then for your setup yes you would need say a sky box to input to your Zidoo, problem is it might not get arround the HDCP, so could be a bit pointless.

If you are not looking at live TV, then you have options to download or stream anytime you want so recording is a mute point

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