Device to drive 3 x center speakers from AV Receiver

I have a mordaunt short alumni 3, which is a bar type speaker but with dedicated LCR speakers that have there own dedicated speaker terminal. i.e a Left, Center, Right speaker enclosed as one device.

I wish to use all 3 of the speakers as center only, so need a device that will take the center output speaker terminals of the av receiver and convert it to 3 speaker terminal outputs and power the 3 speakers in the alumni 3.

I think a speaker selector might do it where I just select to have all 3 speakers on at the same time, but I am looking for a device that will not compromise the audio and auto power on when it detects audio/signal from av receiver and power down when it does not detect it.

Does such a device exist?, I had a look at this but it does not power on when it detects signal.

Av:link 128.425 140W 4 Way Protected Loudspeaker Selector: Hi-Fi & Speakers

Each speaker is rated at 4-8 ohms, 15-80W

Rear of Speaker


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Whilst you could do this, having 3 speakers outputting the same signal will likely cause interference/cancellation issues. Meaning the effect you are I assume hoping for, better centre performance, may in fact be compromised and made worse by your idea.

IMO this is not a great idea and you would be much better off selling the speaker bar and getting a better quality dedicated centre.

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Trouble is that finding a center speaker that is more powerful than the left and right speaker, is not an easy task, especially considering I havea height restriction of 12CM. Looking for one with 2 x tweeters, and 3 x woofers


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I wouldn't get preoccupied with the number of drivers and instead focus on the quality of the speaker as a whole. I don't think you will find many good ones with 3 tweeters (that aren't speaker bars) for the cancellation issues I mentioned above.

What is your budget? And what are your L&R speakers?


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