Device that Accepts HDMI Input & Outputs its Mirror Image for Teleprompter


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I am looking for an HDMI device that accepts HDMI-in and sends the "mirror image" to HDMI-out.

I found one example of what I am looking for, but it has been discontinued:

I would like to use an LCD screen with my teleprompter for Zoom, Teams, and WebEx meetings. Since the teleprompter uses a mirror to reflect the image of the screen, I see the reverse image, which makes it impossible to read text. I need a gadget that accepts regular HDMI input from my computer but outputs a "mirror image" to the monitor so when it's reflected by the mirror in the teleprompter, It is readable (see diagram below).



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Could you run it through some software like OBS?
Great suggestion and that was my last resort.

Unless I'm mistaken, I would have to display the image on monitor #1, use it as a source in OBS, flip it, then display it full screen on monitor #2 attached to my teleprompter. It would work but have all the overhead of running OBS and use both the internal laptop screen as well as the external screen.

I had hoped to find an HDMI dongle or some type of virtual display driver that could flip the output of the external monitor.

Thanks so much for the suggestion!


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I'd expect at least some multi-monitor helper programs to do this. Something like Ultramon sounds like it might do.


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Some teleprompter screens have the mirror built in, but it's more common to do the flip in software. I guess the problem is you are not using Autocue or similar, but wanting to present PowerPoint or similar? Most prompting systems use a 10" screen, so the text might be a bit small in any case.

The best "Free" solution would be to use a relatively small monitor set about 4' from you, but dead in line with your face. Fix the camera to the top of the screen and your eyeline will be almost correct. You may need a camera with a slightly longer zoom than normal, so that you can frame your head and shoulders more accurately, but this should give you a similar effect to true Autocue.

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