Device stacking spacers (to keep space between units when stacked).


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Having now got 6 Cyrus boxes and shelves in my equipment table that will take the units stacked 3 high I am looking for a 'stand' that will fit between units giving between 1 1/2" and 2" clearance between units.

I was also looking at making something as the surface mount network boxes that are being used at the moment are probably not the best idea for a perminent solution.

Remembering that the Cyrus products are narrow at the front and long, what would the best shape for a spacer be (a cross, a box, a H shape ?) and are there any considerations I will need to take into account (I plan on using rubber feet between the spacer and the bottom unit and to only connect to the top unit through its feet).

Would be grateful for any diection, links, pointers, suggestions.

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