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I've been working (very slowly) on a set of photographs from my workplace. As I wander it's dark corridors, I often stumble across these little scenes which I can't help thinking of as photographs.

I've been trying to develop a visual style as well, something a little different from my usual compositions.

Anyway, i've been sitting on these ones for some time, thought I'd post them to inspire myself to make some more. :rolleyes:



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I like the simple colour and lighting in no 1 with the red brick reflections carried along the corridor. Works realy well.

I find myself playing spot the difference with each image - picking out the little differences in each side of the photo. There are lots of interesting details in each one.

This is going to be a very interesting set. Is the plan for the whole set to be as symmetrical?


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I have always admired your control over exposure Scott and these are a fine example that control:smashin:

Symmetry seems to be the name of the game with this set, was that on purpose, as its works very well as a set:)


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Symmetry seems to be the name of the game with this set, was that on purpose, as its works very well as a set:)

Yes, obviously the symmetry is a major part of this. It's something that doesn't usually appeal to me, but felt that it would interesting to experiment with - especially for subject matter like this.


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I think they work together well. My favorite of the bunch is the 3rd, really nice symmetry and ping sharp! I'd maybe have another go at the last as the chair is not quite bang central :D
Very nice set and what a nice place to work.

Number 3# for me. Simple and everyday but when photographed it becomes something different.


Scot I think these are cleverly seen and executed.

I love how the verical lines on the edges of the images all seem to diminish and end upright in the centre of the frame.

The Radiators being my fav

nice set and style:thumbsup:


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Great set but for me 1 and 3 are the stand outs, No3 is amazing with the subtle shadows and small amount of lit area on the floor, love it.


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Seemingly so simple. Very effective. 1 and 3 are the standout ones.

Reminds me of some of the imagery in Angel Heart.

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