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Apr 21, 2001
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I have just started playing this again and the last time I played it I’m sure I got the hotel manager and his daughter (the Renton’s) back together and may have got some experience points for it but this time I do not seem to get them back together this time. Does anyone know how to do it?
The scenario is the last part of the 2nd mission when you are in Hell’s Kitchen.
It was a while ago last time I played this but isn't the girl being threatened by a drugs dealer in one of the archways (out the hotel front door, turn left).
You have to bully the drugs dealer or kill him, then talk to the girl.

Thinking about it, there's another kill in the bar who tells you this, you have to talk to her before and after the drugs dealer.
I saw the guy in the hotel first then the girl in the ally and killed the guy who is going to kill her.
She then goes to the bar even though I tell her of her father’s concern.
I have gone back to the hotel and then the to girl, also the other way round followed her to the bar then told him but both time I do not get them back together.
I suppose I could continue but its nagging me I managed it the first time yet not this and I could get some skill points.
Thanks for the link.:smashin:

I had a look through them and can only find that if you help her with the pimp first you do not get her father asking you to help her when you go to the hotel.
Think when I played it I got the girl back with her father. Then the boyfriend came looking and blew away the father , I subsequently zapped the boyfriend leaving the girl crying over the dead father...all very tragic.
Found out what happen with the plot.

You have to go back to Hells Kitchen and go back to the Ton Hotel when you gat back the father and daughter are together but trouble is brewing. SPOILER
she has JoJo living in the hotel, the father ask you for a gun, if you refuse, but take Jo Jo out she leaves.
If you give him the gun he will shoot Jo Jo but you have to step in an finish him of. It then ends
I remember that now. First time I did it, he took my stealth pistol. Annoying as I'd mod-ed it up a bit. Next time I carried a spare gun to give him.
He took the stealth pistol off me but some how I got it back off Jo Jo I will have to check if mine is the same one as I gave him as I also put some mods on it as well.
Yes I got a un-modified gun back.

I search all over for a ordinary gun but could not find on so I dropped all my guns and he took my knife. It still worked out OK.

Glad you told me about that problem Mr.The.Spoon.:smashin:

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