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Deteriorating Sony VCR quality?

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by iking, May 27, 2005.

  1. iking

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    I have been very surprised not to see many questions relating to what
    seems to be a common problem or two with Sony VCR's?

    I and another colleague are the happy owners of a Sony SLV-SE830 unit
    which is of ok quality (for VHS) and when used as a Analogue Tuner - as good
    as the TV, if not better in poor reception areas. In addition I have been a
    proud Sony Video supporter for many years now, with no previous hesitation
    in recommending Sony Products. Now I am not so sure?!

    Firstly I know of another SLV-SE830 where the 'EEPROM memory' became
    corrupted and recently I indeed had a similar fault in my own unit.
    Thankfully this seems to be a common fault on these players (detailed in
    the internet in places) and once I had found how to get into the 'test'
    mode - I corrected the problem for me - which related to playback tracking.
    I made no hardware repairs so expect the fault to re-appear at some point
    if the power fails. In the other case a repairer charged £60 to 'fix' the
    problem but since then the fault has reocurred. So I guess that the
    recommended change in values of the two 10k resistors and the fix to
    correct orientation of the related capacitor was not done?!

    These two fixes I intend to apply to both machines when I get time and

    Now turning to the SLV-SE840/740 - Current models - there seems to either
    be a general quality issue with the machines or the Sony name is suffering
    thru 'dumbing down (cost cutting) in design/manufacture.

    I recently recommended these players (as the successors to mine) to a
    relative and no less than 3 units were returned to the Sony Centre where
    they came from. In the shop other units were tried until the Manager
    decided he did not want to try any more and refunded the purchase price.
    Another store stopped selling the 740 apparently after 'quality issues'.

    What was the problem? It was very poor quality video from the VCR Tuner
    (both via scart and RF connections) - mainly fuzzy and with criss-crossing
    artefacts in very bright picture areas. Obviously recording and playing
    back such pictures made matters worse. Playing back prerecorded tapes was
    fine. The aeriel was eliminated - it was good for the iDTV anyway, as was
    a number of other possible causes. The conclusion I have was it related to
    the Tuner/RF Front end of the units.

    I have seen other commentators making similar observations on forums in the
    net, but the local Sony repairer 'is not aware of a general problem'- -
    which I cannot believe!?

    Can anyone add to this?
  2. MarkE19


    Aug 10, 2002
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    Rainham Essex
    AFAIK Sony have not designed and made their own VCR's for a few years now. I believe that all Sony VCR's are rebadged units made by somebody else.

    Until a few years ago I had always bought Sony VCR's (and even TV's), but as Sony no longer make their own VCR's I decided to buy a Panasonic VCR (& already had the Panny plasma) as to me Sony are overpriced as they are IMO no longer the best.


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