Detach & reattach hdmi/component cables etc?


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Does any1 know if it's possible/doable to detach the hdmi/component plugs from a cable on one end and then later reattach it (soldering)? I need to put 1 hdmi and 1 component cable in two tubes which are placed in my ceiling but the tubes (damn electrician) are too small to fit the hdmi/component plugs.

(hope this is clear enough)

Joe Fernand

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Hello lapino

You can re-attach RCA and BNC solder-on plugs 'relatively easily' - or alternatively order the cable with one end un-terminated and make the terminations once you pull the cable.

HDMI is not something you can disassemble/reassemble on site - Supra Cables (Jenving SE.) were talking about an HDMI/DVI product you could make up on site; though not sure how much the tooling would cost and I doubt it would be cost effective for a single cable.

You can 'jump' Component onto HDMI - potentially then you would only require a single HDMI cable through your narrow conduit; see

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