Destroy All Humans Review & Comments


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My pre-order just arrived this morning. Can't wait to put it into my Xbox and try it out. Will certainly post my review later this week :)


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Just had a chance to play it for a bit (maybe 5-6 hours). It's nice but it's not as easy as most people say (especially those who do guides for platinum trophies or achievements). The control of flying saucer is not easy either. I can't really go up or down, it seems that the flying saucer is hovering rather than flying. Also, damaged saucer does not regenerate health :D

Lostsoul 301281

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Just started this this morning as I’ve finished my Odyssey play through.

Right after hitting start I uttered “for fudge sakes!”
The pathetic warning for snowflakes.
Are you kidding me?!
Just because some sheltered, crybaby, nobody “reviewer” complained about the use of the word pussy in a game that is a remaster of a 2005 game there now has to be a “trigger warning” at the start of the game?
These people need to get a life!

Rant over.
I’m going to enjoy this game for what it is.

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