Destiny 2: Beyond Light upgrade / PS5 questions


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Afternoon all,

Been out of the loop for a while with gaming due to Covid / Work / Daughter / Hospital and life really, it’s been rubbish!!!

Sold my PS4 due to it not being used for months but now I’m back home and Doctors orders to sit down and do nothing has left a hole and only so much washing/tidying/TV I can do!!

Anyway, I’ve been looking and realised there is a new Destiny Expansion being released and I wanna get back into it!! It releases on the 10th November I believe and I’ve been lucky enough to secure a disc version PS5 for release day! 😀😀

Questions are below: -

1. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a disc copy being released for the new Beyond Light part, correct me if I’m wrong, so I’m assume I just have to get it from the PS Store?
2. I sold my Destiny 2 and Forsaken discs when I sold my PS4 console, my expansion codes were already claimed on my account when I played it on PS4 - does this mean they will still be active when I log into my account on PS5, and everything will be the same?
3. Will I have go back and buy a PS4 copy of Destiny 2 to launch the game or will it be fine booting from the Beyond Light download on PS Store?

Probably all noddy questions but I’d like to be ready to play this Day One on the PS5 and will save me a few quid than buying another PS5 new release game too (as I’ll probably plump for SpiderMan Ultimate anyway) so if I am missing something or am doing anything the long way round your input will be appreciated.

Roll on the 10th and 19th!!!!



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Bungie are making so many changes in the background for Beyond Light, and with the deletion of so much existing stuff, that its a completely new download for everyone - so the discs are effectively worthless.

Obviously that means there's going to be a lot of people trying to download the game at the same time so how Bungie will be timing things is anyones guess.

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