Desperately need helping connecting sub to amp to pc


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Not sure if this is the correct section, so mods please move if wrong...

Just now I have my AV amp connected to my pc soundcard via RAC-3.5mm cable, only boasting 2 main front speakers at the moment.

Fancied adding a sub to the mix, but cannot figure out how...

connections on sub are:

connections on amp are:

any help or advice would be much appreciated

just realised the pics are upside down and massive...can sort out if necessary :smashin:


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Makes and model numbers would help. If it's an AV Receiver you have, basically you need an active (powered) subwoofer, which will connect from the AV Receiver's subwoofer pre-out to the Left input on the subwoofer.


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thanks for the reply, it's some old kit I've decided to recycle as a PC setup.

The AV amp is a Yamaha HTR-5540RDS and the sub is a JBL SUB138 according to the back...


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My answer above stands. The subwoofer pre-out connection is on the left hand side marked "output" according to the manual.

You need a subwoofer cable.
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On the amplifier - in the picture above - looking at it as is it presented now (i.e. upside down).

Start bottom right and look for a bright orange socket labelled CD2. Go left one and up one and look for a black socket labelled Sub Woofer.

On the sub woofer look for the yellow socket marked LFE.

Connect a single RCA phono - RCA phono cable between these. Does not have to be of any esoteric type, but if it's a long run you may find a "better" cable gives better results. Remember to "tell" the amplifier (in its setup) that you have a subwoofer. And then adjust levels to suit.


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thanks for the reply, turns out the way I'd tried connecting it up perviously was correct - I just needed to activate the LFE crossover settings in my soundcard properties!


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