Desperate help required initial setup!!


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I have the following :

1) panasonic G20 50inch plasma
2) onkyo tx-sr578
3) tannoy sfx 5.1 surrounds

(before ppl comment i realise this setup isn't to everyones taste but i was on a small budget and only wanted a very basic home cinema setup)

So..... speakers connected.... just want to connect Tv so plays through amp/surround but get nothing. TV is RHID/ARC compatible and amp quick start setup shows i only need HDMI cable from amp HDMI OUT port to one of the HDMI ports on TV.... done this and no sound.....

I do get the two synced as when i turn tv off amp goes off too, also on panny sound setup when synced you get an option to switch from tv speakers to 'home cinema' and when i do this sound suddenly goes and when switching back says 'muting' on amp and sound through tv again and is fine....

I probably am doing something wrong any advice welcome :lease:



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You will need to use a specific HDMI connection on the TV. It will be labeled ARC.

You also need to make sure ARC is enabled on both the TV and the receiver from their setup menus.

Have you done this?


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Thanks for the reply,

I did check TV HDMI's and i didn't recall seeing one lablled specifically with ARC but am work at the moment and will double check at home...

I assumed panny was ARC compatible going off the specs on panasonics website... if it wasn't would i need additional cables?
Is there any advantage of using ARC?


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thanks... so that means just HDMI on its own should do it....mmmm

Can anyone confirm that panasonic TX-P50G20B has ARC and has paired it with an amp and getting sound with just HDMI??

Thanks for all replies, much appreciated...


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According to the TV manual, HDMI 2 should be the ARC enabled HDMI connection. I couldn’t find anything in the manual about enabling ARC on the TV itself though.

Page 46 of the receiver manual explains the ARC settings. It says you should set the 'Audio Return Channel' option in the menu to Auto, and 'HDMI Control' should also be set to on. It should then just be a case of selecting the TV/CD input on the receiver to get the audio from the TV to play through the speakers.

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